Capital raising for your business

Our extensive experience and knowledge allows us to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the opportunity to secure funds for business growth.


What is Aria Investments?

Aria Investments is an independent investment banking service provider that focuses on customer-tailored solutions. By diving into each customer case individually, we are able to provide and implement solutions, altered to each customer’s needs. Our core operations include capital raising, project management, and financial management.


Capital raising

Raising capital can be a serious challenge, especially for small or medium-sized businesses. Our accumulated knowledge and successful experience provides opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to secure funds for business growth. We advise on choosing the most optimal capital structure and / or attraction strategy.


In the midst of ever-changing global markets, mergers and acquisitions are an important part of economic and corporate governance strategies. For those intending to transfer or acquire a company or a business, we provide advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions.

Project management

Qualified project management is a prerequisite for a successful project. With sufficient knowledge and experience, we are involved in project management from the very idea to its implementation.

Financial advisory

Proper usage of financial instruments and resources is an integral part of effective financial management. We advise on financial evaluations, plans, and forecasts that aid in decision making and act as a basis for achievement monitoring.

Data analytics

The data itself is just a set of numbers. Its true value is revealed when numbers turn into business-growing ideas. We provide high quality, data driven business solutions.



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Aria Investments professionals

Irena Raginskienė

Partner / Chief Executive Officer

19 years of experience:

Financial brokerage firms „Suprema“ and „Evernord“.  Swedbank Private Banking. 

Licenced Financial Broker consultant.

Jolanta Byčenkovė

Head of Client Relations

15 years of experience:

Luminor Private Banking, UAB “Monsoon Investments”.

Licenced Financial Broker consultant.

Indrė Meškauskienė

Customer relations specialist

15 years of experience:

In the banking sector: investment, financial products, customer service and other areas.

Martyna Paulauskaitė

Manager’s assistant

Lina Razgienė

Marketing manager

10 years of experience:

B2B trade and communication.


Contact Us

M. Valančiaus g. 1A,
Vilnius, LT-01102
+370 687 78803